Proposed new KDateTime class

Jason Harris kstars at
Wed Nov 9 06:20:31 GMT 2005


I'd like to bring your attention to my ExtDateTime class (also: ExtDate, 
ExtDatePicker, ExtDateTimeEdit), which you can find at 

ExtDate is an extension of QDate, removing the arbitrary restriction on the 
range of years.  Well, there is still an arbitrary restriction, but the range 
of years is -50000 to 50000 instead if 1752 to 8000.  The other classes 
simply extend date-related classes and widgets to use ExtDate instead of 

As far as I know, KStars is the only app using ExtDate, and maybe it's the 
only app that would ever want this extended date range.  Nevertheless, I'd 
like to propose that the new KDateTime class incorporates the relevant 
features of ExtDateTime.

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