Moving 3.5 development into branches/KDE/3.5

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Tue May 31 13:17:34 BST 2005

On 5/31/05, Brad Hards <bradh at> wrote:

> 0. Only port kdelibs to Qt4 at this stage
> 1. Do the application porting as an experiment/testcase only - a few tricky
> apps from kdebase, a couple of little ones, a couple of bigger ones. Don't
> try for a complete, stable port.
> 2. Spend the time between now and the 3.5 freeze on kdelibs polishing - can we
> get 100% code coverage in tests? could we valgrind kdelibs (tests) completely
> clean? Could we document it better?

This would also give us time to work on the new build system; right
now I'm anxious to start working on KDE4 for Qt/Mac, but the current
autotools stuff *sucks* for doing Qt/Mac work (for various reasons).

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