Moving 3.5 development into branches/KDE/3.5

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue May 31 07:51:06 BST 2005

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 12:34, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> into trunk later. But that doesn't work for kicker. We really need a

which is why i'm trying to hurry up on the 3.5 stuff, mostly by just saying 
"no more features" and moving to clean up items, of which there are but a 
handful at this point. i've put a call out for feature adds on panel-devel 
with a note that if nobody comes up with anything compelling that the feature 
freeze for kicker will be next monday, with a week or two of bug fixing and 
Q&A. so it may even be before the end of June, but no promises ;)

> We really need a gradually ported
> gradually ported KDE4 to test changes done to the framework. And we have to
> make sure we're not loosing overview - and if all KDE 3.5 development is
> going to be merged by me, we're going to loose overview. So I want a change
> in policy who is responsible for merging KDE 3.5 development into the then
> main development branch - I don't want to dictate a policy on when this
> needs to be done and not even how.

that all makes 100% sense IMHO =)

Aaron J. Seigo
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