Moving 3.5 development into branches/KDE/3.5

Matt Rogers mattr at
Mon May 30 22:30:12 BST 2005

On Monday 30 May 2005 04:23 pm, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Monday 30 May 2005 23:21, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > > [1] By the people who attended the meeting last weekend at least, that
> > > is. I hope nobody else will dive in and screw any attempt at merging by
> > > trying to convert the codebase to KDE 4 before august.
> >
> > It will have to be ported, so yes, people will be touching it and
> > converting it so that it'll run on KDE 4.
> And as Cornelius posted on the kdepim list, it will be ported, you don't
> have to be afraid that that doesn't happen. However, it will be ported in
> August, and not now.

And I am telling you that other people _WILL_ port before August. As a matter 
of fact, if you read coolo's mail, he imples that porting will be started by 
Friday. In short, people will be diving in and they _will_ be screwing 
attempts at merging.

> It shouldn't be all that difficult to run a KDE 3.4/3.5 KDEPIM in a KDE 4
> environment. In fact, it's an awesome regression test suite, since there
> will be other Qt 3/KDE 3 apps around for a long time after KDE 4, so
> interop with the old version has to be ensured anyway.

Probably not, you'll just have to load all the KDE3 libraries in addition to 
the KDE 4 libraries.

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