Moving 3.5 development into branches/KDE/3.5

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Mon May 30 22:39:33 BST 2005

On Monday 30 May 2005 23:30, Matt Rogers wrote:
> And I am telling you that other people _WILL_ port before August. As a
> matter of fact, if you read coolo's mail, he imples that porting will be
> started by Friday. In short, people will be diving in and they _will_ be
> screwing attempts at merging.

Then we should ask for Coolo's blessing to put an ACL on the module to avoid 
that :)

Seriously, we've had a quite long discussion about all this, and the only way 
to make PIM development productive is to not require us to fiddle with moving 
targets (qt 4/kdelibs 4), bc issues, merging and all other related stuff.

Either that, or throwing in more manpower to do the 'real' work. Dealing with 
merging is just wasting *very* precious time.


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