No Ruby source diffs shown in svn checkins

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat May 21 20:30:47 BST 2005

Richard Dale wrote:
>The only reason I personally check ruby sources into the svn to edit
> them, and record the change history. Only when ruby scripts are
> retrieved from the svn and installed, are they are made executable, and
> until then they are editable source code. Why is ruby different from
> perl .pm sources? Surely Subversion is customisable about which
> mimetypes/file extensions are considered to be editable text?

As I said, the MIME type says what kind of file it is, not if it's 
executable or not.

Everything that is human-readable text (i.e., character oriented, with 
new-lines and such) is text/*. Anything else is binary.

The two main differences are that text can't have a NUL and it has a 
special sequence that stands for "end of line" -- and when transmitted 
over network, such as in email attachments, that sequence is *always* CR 
+ LF.

So, if you can edit it in a text editor, it's text/*.
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