Linux Desktop Development and KDevelop Developers Conference 2005

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Tue May 10 21:39:06 BST 2005

KDevelop Team (1) and Open Source Developers Network Ukraine (2) are proud to 
announce the First Linux Desktop Development and KDevelop Developers 
Conference 2005 (3) that will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, 1st to 6th of July.

The conference program is:

    * talks and presentations by experts in Linux Desktop Development;
    * talks and workshops by prominent KDevelop developers covering various 
aspects of development with KDevelop IDE;
    * joint development for all KDevelop contributors and enthusiasts. 

Conference language is English. Most important talks and workshops will be 
held in Ukrainian.

Target audience:

    * all active KDevelop (and KDE) contributors;
    * developers interested in joining KDevelop IDE and/or Platform 
    * developers interested in Linux and Unix desktop development;
    * general public interested in development with and for open source 

KDevelop Team is looking for sponsors help us running the conference and 
provide accomodation for speakers and delegates from other 

Commited sponsors and supporters:
KDE e.V. (4)
SourceXtreme Inc. (5)

Conference Information: Agenda, registration, traveling and other possible 
information is collected at conference website (3).

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