SVN: change defaults for line endings

Harri Porten porten at
Fri May 6 10:47:25 BST 2005


On Wed, 4 May 2005, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:

> I'd like to ask coolo to fix eol-style properies for every text file at the
> server side, before all people started to use SVN.
> For example, change 'native' word to LF in .svn/props/something.h.svn-work:

FWIW, I'd be against such a change. It's not only a gut feeling that
native formats will work out better. I've spoken to a developer at our
company who has extensively been working on Windows and Linux in parallel
with both Subversion and Perforce. At the beginning he was using LF only
(with Perforce that can be done as a client setting) but gave up after
discovering that e.g. Python on Windows didn't cope with the Unix format.

So it is not only Notepad that has a problem. And the other editors will
default to CRLF as well when creating new files. Making sure that they the
files get checked in correctly is a source of problems I wouldn't

When it comes to directly exchanging packages or patches between multiple
platforms I'd put the onus on the distributor. Zip and other tools all
have the appropriate option to deal with the differences.


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