How not to install a kde_module_LTLIBRARIES target

David Faure faure at
Fri May 6 01:44:09 BST 2005

On Thursday 05 May 2005 16:09, Jeroen Wijnhout wrote:
> Sorry, too quick. It appears that it does _not_ work, the check_LTLIBRARIES 
> are not recognized as kde_modules and not loaded by KLibLoader.

Indeed, check_LTLIBRARIES creates static libs by default - damn.
However I compared the libtool lines between check_ and lib_, and the only difference
is "-rpath $KDEDIR/lib". So I added that to the LDFLAGS, and magically everything works.
Looks hackish, but well... libtool isn't going to change tomorrow.

> Is there another way to prevent the install? Perhaps we should add a new 
> target type kunittest_module_ (just like kde_module except that the target is 
> not installed). Would that be possible?
No, since the target is the installation directory. 
Only noinst, check and EXTRA have special meanings.
That's automake, we can't change it.

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