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Thu Mar 31 22:30:39 BST 2005

Stephan Kulow wrote:
>So we have plenty of votes that do not care and some that vote for
> deeper structures. So let's make it so. Someone just needs to give me a
> mapping of the current branches to the dirs and I can make it right
> within the migration scripts.

The branches aren't that critical and can be sorted after the migration is 
finished. All we have to do is separate the release (maintenance) 
branches from the work branches.

Then we set a date for all branches to be "retrieved": that is, one 
responsible for the branch will move it out of wherever it is 
(say /branches/cvs) and place it in /branches/work/. All branches left 
unchanged will be deleted at this date.
(svn rm branches/cvs)

The critical thing here is the moving of things in /trunk and the release 
branches. Renaming/moving after people have checked out is not a good 
idea, because that may trigger the whole download again.

So, summarising (and making a work proposal):
1. The structure in /trunk is set before the Subversion repository is 
released for the general public.

2. The structure in /tags is set before the repository is released:
- /tags/appname/release

3. /branches will be set as follows before the release:
- /branches/appname/release - for all application maintenance branches 
- /branches/cvs - for all imported work branches

4. Between the repository release and two weeks after, developers will 
retrieve their branch contents from /branches/cvs. 
svn mv branches/cvs/proko2/kdepim branches/work/kdepim-proko2

5. Two weeks after the repository is converted, the old branches are 
svn rm branches/cvs

If someone misses the deadline, the branches are still retrievable, so 
don't despair.
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