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Amending myself:

Thiago Macieira wrote:
>So, summarising (and making a work proposal):
>1. The structure in /trunk is set before the Subversion repository is
>released for the general public.

Old modules in /trunk are erased before release(*).

trunk/kdenonbeta is still in place at this time.

>2. The structure in /tags is set before the repository is released:
>- /tags/appname/release
>3. /branches will be set as follows before the release:
>- /branches/appname/release - for all application maintenance branches
>- /branches/cvs - for all imported work branches
>4. Between the repository release and two weeks after, developers will
>retrieve their branch contents from /branches/cvs.
>svn mv branches/cvs/proko2/kdepim branches/work/kdepim-proko2
>5. Two weeks after the repository is converted, the old branches are
>svn rm branches/cvs
>If someone misses the deadline, the branches are still retrievable, so
>don't despair.


6. Between the repository conversion and a month later, developers will 
retrieve their projects from kdenonbeta. 
svn mv trunk/kdenonbeta/kdom trunk/playground-libs/

7. A month after the repository is converted, trunk/kdenonbeta is merged 
with trunk/kdeblackhole and both are erased.

Same note as for branches: even if you miss the deadline, it's still 

(*) Depending on how Ossi's script performs on detecting our server-side 
moves, most now-empty modules will not even show on /trunk after the 
conversion. Or, another option, is to completely ignore them in the 
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