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Thu Mar 31 14:57:10 BST 2005

* Stephan Kulow [Thu, 31 Mar 2005 15:36:40 +0200]:
> Am Mittwoch 23 März 2005 12:42 schrieb Thiago Macieira:


> > 2) /work/work-branch vs /branches/work/work-branch 
> > vs /branches/appname/work-branch

> For branches I agree. We have 155 branches without unlabeled ones. That's already
> a lot and they are pretty hard to overview. But if you add /branches/appname you're
> not easing to find a branch. So I would split /branches into /branches/work and
> /branches/maintaince - this should split the list of branches enough and I can script
> it very easily to move the branches after the import.
> But so far this whole layout discussion is between you and me. No-one else seems
> to have an oppinion about it ;(

  In <200503301100.23395.thiago at>, Thiago mentioned this:

> Also, will the branches/tags be renamed on the server after import? For
> instance, will /branches/KDE_3_4_BRANCH become /branches/KDE/3.4?

  This wasn't commented on AFAICS, so I'd like to know your opinion
  about this proposal (IMHO, one that improves usability quite a bit).
  Also, emphasize the fact that the question mentions both branches and


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