SVN timing

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Wed Mar 30 19:36:40 BST 2005

Am Mittwoch 30 März 2005 17:06 schrieb Olaf Schmidt:
> [Stephan Kulow, Mittwoch, 30. März 2005 17:13]
> > Ah! Someone else woke up. Finally! I knew it would take till the moving
> > day will be tomorrow before people start thinking about the problems.
> I presumed that those people who have admin rights to the KDE servers are
> talking to each other about planned changes, which doesn't seem to be the
> case.
Someone is complaining we're not talking in private but keep things open on
kde-core-devel? I don't understand.
> Another problem is that the kde-www list was never informed about the
> moving date, so no one was able to respond apart from the people who also
> happen to read kde-core-devel.
kde-core-devel is _the_ mailing list where things are decided. But I would 
have notified kde-cvs-announce and you would have known.

> The modules and bugs would need to be included, too.
If you know some other just let me know.
> > Then you can migrate the servers and mirrors independent on the master
> > repository. Of course you would need one day where you stop that mirror
> > script and start moving your SVN - and when you're done with moving, the
> > servers and mirrors need to be changed to use SVN exclusively.
> If we want to keep the script SVN->CVS simple, then it would be easiest to
> deal with the subdomain repository moves at the same point of time when
> the webserver configuration changes.
Right. Handling directory creation will be difficult enough, handling 
directory moves will be about impossible.
> > A svn->cvs mirror script can be done quickly if it only has to handle
> > www and HEAD, it might even exist already out there.
> Can you set it up, or would someone else need to do it? I am neither
> familiar enough with svn, nor do I have the necessary admin rights.
I will do that. It's just a svn update & rsync & cvs commit done every 10 
minutes ;)

Greetings, Stephan

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