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Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at
Wed Mar 30 16:06:08 BST 2005

[Stephan Kulow, Mittwoch, 30. März 2005 17:13]
> Ah! Someone else woke up. Finally! I knew it would take till the moving
> day will be tomorrow before people start thinking about the problems.

I presumed that those people who have admin rights to the KDE servers are 
talking to each other about planned changes, which doesn't seem to be the 

Another problem is that the kde-www list was never informed about the 
moving date, so no one was able to respond apart from the people who also 
happen to read kde-core-devel.

> > How does the svn migration affect the websites?
> Some webmaster should have checked since we were thinking about it?

I don't have web server administration rights, and most webmasters don't 
have them either. All we could do is discuss the topic on the kde-www 
list. But is seem that the web server admins aren't reading that list, so 
our questions were left unanswered.

> Before the move? That was the actual plan actually. The current HOWTO
> is in in wiki, which is not affected at all.

OK, fine.

> One possible way is to leave cvs/www open for a specific sync account
> and setup a svn/www -> cvs/www mirror script. Then you can migrate the
> servers and mirrors independent on the master repository.  

Sounds reasonable.

The modules and bugs would need to be included, too. 

> Then you can migrate the servers and mirrors independent on the master
> repository. Of course you would need one day where you stop that mirror
> script and start moving your SVN - and when you're done with moving, the
> servers and mirrors need to be changed to use SVN exclusively.

If we want to keep the script SVN->CVS simple, then it would be easiest to 
deal with the subdomain repository moves at the same point of time when 
the webserver configuration changes.

> A svn->cvs mirror script can be done quickly if it only has to handle
> www and HEAD, it might even exist already out there.

Can you set it up, or would someone else need to do it? I am neither 
familiar enough with svn, nor do I have the necessary admin rights.


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