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Wed Mar 30 20:31:40 BST 2005

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 20:36, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 30 März 2005 17:06 schrieb Olaf Schmidt:
> > [Stephan Kulow, Mittwoch, 30. März 2005 17:13]
> >
> > > Ah! Someone else woke up. Finally! I knew it would take till the moving
> > > day will be tomorrow before people start thinking about the problems.
> >
> > I presumed that those people who have admin rights to the KDE servers are
> > talking to each other about planned changes, which doesn't seem to be the
> > case.
> Someone is complaining we're not talking in private but keep things open on
> kde-core-devel? I don't understand.

Welcome to the bikeshed, Staphan. As de-facto webmaster of a little slice 
of, I would be very surprised if the SVN repo wasn't mirrored onto 
the websites just like the CVS repo in www/areas/pim/ is. And, naively, I 
assumed that someone else was taking care of it, since administering servers 
that I don't know what they are nor where they are located wasn't on the job 
description I saw.

I imagine the websites can afford not to be updated for a day or so, if that's 
the extra time it takes to make sure that mirroring works. However, it's hard 
to add the announcement that SVN is now being used if (a) CVS is frozen and 
(b) SVN doesn't update to the sites, so timing is critical. I imagine we 
should sync watches.

That said, I imagine the hook/ scripts for SVN provide at least as much 
possibility for doing mirroring in a timely fashion as whatever CVS uses. I 
just set up a website that uses SVN as the repo for the content and 
hooks/post-commit just causes an "svn update" to run on the webserver where 
the SVN checkout that is visible to the world is.

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