SVN timing

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Wed Mar 30 16:13:00 BST 2005

Am Mittwoch 30 März 2005 15:53 schrieb Olaf Schmidt:
> [Dirk Mueller, Mittwoch, 23. März 2005 23:32]
> > Also, we loose website updating for a while until we fixed all the
> > servers.
> Sorry for not speaking up earlier about this, but this is indeed an 
> important topic which needs to be discussed before the subversion move is 
> done:

Ah! Someone else woke up. Finally! I knew it would take till the moving day will be 
tomorrow before people start thinking about the problems.

> How does the svn migration affect the websites?
Some webmaster should have checked since we were thinking about it?
> How does it affect mirrors?
They need to install subversion I guess.
> How can we announce the svn move if website updating is lost for a while?
Over email I guess ;)
> How can we commit SVN HOWTOs if website updating is lost?
Before the move? That was the actual plan actually. The current HOWTO is in
in wiki, which is not affected at all.

> Would it be possible to leave the web modules open for commits while the 
> rest of the repository is moved? Then we could move the website at a 
> later point, after all needed changes are discussed.
No, that's not possible. At least not feasible.

> This means some changes to the webservers, and I am not sure how much time 
> they would need. It might be best to make some of the changes (like 
> setting up the new subdomains) before the SVN move is done, which is why 
> I suggest to leave the website migration to SVN to a later point if this 
> is technically possible.
One possible way is to leave cvs/www open for a specific sync account and setup
a svn/www -> cvs/www mirror script. Then you can migrate the servers and mirrors
independent on the master repository. Of course you would need one day where you
stop that mirror script and start moving your SVN - and when you're done with moving,
the servers and mirrors need to be changed to use SVN exclusively.

A svn->cvs mirror script can be done quickly if it only has to handle www and HEAD, it
might even exist already out there.

Greetings, Stephan

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