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Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at
Wed Mar 30 14:53:58 BST 2005

[Dirk Mueller, Mittwoch, 23. März 2005 23:32]
> Also, we loose website updating for a while until we fixed all the
> servers.

Sorry for not speaking up earlier about this, but this is indeed an 
important topic which needs to be discussed before the subversion move is 

How does the svn migration affect the websites?
How does it affect mirrors?
How can we announce the svn move if website updating is lost for a while?
How can we commit SVN HOWTOs if website updating is lost?

Would it be possible to leave the web modules open for commits while the 
rest of the repository is moved? Then we could move the website at a 
later point, after all needed changes are discussed.

A few weeks ago I suggested a new repository structure for the different 
modules that currently have web content:

Taking the feedback into account, we would have the following new 
repository structure for the websites:

web/sites/www/ -
(currently in module www/)

web/media/ - media directory to be used by most KDE sites
(currently in CVS module www/media/)

web/sites/*/ - subdomains of
(currently in www/areas/*/ and www/apps/*/;
redirect http://(www.)*/** -> http://*** needed;
redirect http://(www.)*/** -> http://*** needed;
some new subdomains need to be set up)

web/sites/games/ -
(currently in CVS module www/kdegames/;
redirect http://(www.)** ->**)

web/sites/developer/ -
(currently in CVS module

web/sites/bugs/ -
(currently in CVS module bugs/)

web/international/* - localised sites
(currently in CVS module www/international/*/;
the PHP pages in www/international/ need to stay, only the subdirs move;
redirect http://(www.)*/** -> http://***)

This means some changes to the webservers, and I am not sure how much time 
they would need. It might be best to make some of the changes (like 
setting up the new subdomains) before the SVN move is done, which is why 
I suggest to leave the website migration to SVN to a later point if this 
is technically possible.


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