Cervisia licensing: moving forward?

Ben Burton bab at debian.org
Sat Mar 26 08:15:26 GMT 2005

Hi again,

At this stage it seems that everyone is happy to go with a dual QPL/GPL
license for cervisia.  My question now is how to go forward with the change.

Thiago has written with the following instructions:

> If you people are ok with a dual license, then please place notices in
> all your files that the file is dual-licensed.
> Only the copyright holder can do that. Commit the changes to
> KDE_3_3_BRANCH, HEAD and ask Coolo for instructions on KDE_3_4_BRANCH.

The copyright holders whose names appear in the relevant sources are
Bernd Gehrmann, Christian Loose and André Wöbbeking.  Would it be
possible for each of you to make the relevant commits?  Coolo, do you
have any specific requests or instructions for KDE_3_4_BRANCH?

I'm not sure if Bernd Gehrmann still uses his CVS account.  Andras,
would it be in any way possible to find out if Bernd wishes to make
these changes himself, and if not to obtain some form of authorisation?
I'm not sure how formal the KDE project requires this to be, though I
expect an unsigned email would not suffice (since such a thing is easily
spoofed).  If anyone knows more about KDE policy on such matters then
their input would be appreciated.

For reference I've included a list below of files in KDE_3_4_BRANCH with
the relevant author names in the copyright headers.  I believe this
covers all the files in KDE_3_3_BRANCH as well, though there may be new
files in HEAD or the subversion_support branch; I haven't looked into those.
Note that no changes are needed for cervisia/cvsservice, since those files
are already LGPL.

Many thanks again to everyone for their help in this matter, and I
apologise for the tedium that accompanies it.


Files in KDE_3_4_BRANCH sorted by copyright name:

  Bernd Gehrmann:

    addremovedlg.cpp addrepositorydlg.cpp annotatedlg.cpp annotateview.cpp
    cervisiapart.cpp cervisiashell.cpp changelogdlg.cpp checkoutdlg.cpp
    commitdlg.cpp cvsdir.cpp diffdlg.cpp diffview.cpp historydlg.cpp
    logdlg.cpp loglist.cpp logtree.cpp main.cpp mergedlg.cpp misc.cpp
    progressdlg.cpp protocolview.cpp repositories.cpp repositorydlg.cpp
    resolvedlg.cpp settingsdlg.cpp tagdlg.cpp updatedlg.cpp updateview.cpp
    updateview_items.cpp watchdlg.cpp addremovedlg.h addrepositorydlg.h
    annotatedlg.h annotateview.h cervisiapart.h cervisiashell.h
    changelogdlg.h checkoutdlg.h commitdlg.h cvsdir.h diffdlg.h diffview.h
    historydlg.h logdlg.h loglist.h logtree.h mergedlg.h misc.h
    progressdlg.h protocolview.h repositories.h repositorydlg.h
    resolvedlg.h settingsdlg.h tagdlg.h updatedlg.h updateview.h
    updateview_items.h watchdlg.h

  Christian Loose:

    addremovedlg.cpp addrepositorydlg.cpp annotatectl.cpp cervisiapart.cpp
    cervisiashell.cpp changelogdlg.cpp checkoutdlg.cpp commitdlg.cpp
    cvsinitdlg.cpp dirignorelist.cpp editwithmenu.cpp globalignorelist.cpp
    ignorelistbase.cpp logdlg.cpp logplainview.cpp logtree.cpp main.cpp
    misc.cpp patchoptiondlg.cpp progressdlg.cpp protocolview.cpp
    repositorydlg.cpp resolvedlg.cpp resolvedlg_p.cpp settingsdlg.cpp
    watchersdlg.cpp addremovedlg.h addrepositorydlg.h annotatectl.h
    cervisiapart.h cervisiashell.h changelogdlg.h cvsinitdlg.h
    dirignorelist.h editwithmenu.h globalignorelist.h ignorelistbase.h
    logplainview.h logtree.h misc.h patchoptiondlg.h progressdlg.h
    protocolview.h repositorydlg.h resolvedlg.h resolvedlg_p.h
    settingsdlg.h watchersdlg.h

  André Wöbbeking:

    annotateview.cpp entry.cpp entry_status.cpp loginfo.cpp
    stringmatcher.cpp tooltip.cpp updateview.cpp updateview_items.cpp
    updateview_visitors.cpp annotateview.h entry.h entry_status.h
    entry_status_change.h loginfo.h stringmatcher.h tooltip.h updateview.h
    updateview_items.h updateview_visitors.h

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