Cervisia licensing: moving forward?

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sat Mar 26 08:23:23 GMT 2005

On Saturday 26 March 2005 10:15, Ben Burton wrote:
> I'm not sure if Bernd Gehrmann still uses his CVS account.  Andras,
> would it be in any way possible to find out if Bernd wishes to make
> these changes himself, and if not to obtain some form of
> authorisation? I'm not sure how formal the KDE project requires this
> to be, though I expect an unsigned email would not suffice (since
> such a thing is easily spoofed).  If anyone knows more about KDE
> policy on such matters then their input would be appreciated.

I asked him to do it. It seems that he still has the account, but I have 
no idea if he uses Linux or not (last time he was not), and it may be 
*very* probable that he does not have a CVS checkout. So I don't expect 
that he can do the change himself, but he can send a mail to authorize 
 I think it was already a case when the license changed (in KMail, 
adding the Qt exception?), and I don't think the change was committed 
by every single copyright holder. You know, what is the case when the 
same file has many copyright holders. Who makes the commit?


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