about a screensaver for kde that i've written

Mathias Homann Mathias.Homann at eregion.de
Tue Mar 15 10:12:52 GMT 2005

Am Montag, 14. März 2005 19:59 schrieb Mauricio Bahamonde:

> But from what i read on kde-look.org, You must install a font that
> has the japanese characters. The problem is: The font you suggest,
> is it GPL? If not, I'm not sure if it could go to KDE HEAD,
> because:

I didn't knew that by now, CVS HEAD requires the GPL... besides,
the mikachan font set has its homepage on sourceforge japan 
http://sourceforge.jp/projects/mikachan/) so i assume that its under 
a osi compatible license. a electronically translated version of the 
download page (which is all there is regarding licenses) says 
something along the lines of "freely  distributable but the copyright 
stays mine, have fun". There are lots of other usable fonts in 
XFree / X.org and even more come with suse (I dont have other 
distributions to compare...).

> 1) Licensing problems because of the font
> 2) Your screensaver without a font that has the japanese
> characters, is useless.
now that is true.
but as i said, there are lots of usable fonts in the xfree/xorg 

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