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Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Thu Mar 3 06:48:26 GMT 2005

On Wednesday, 2. March 2005 19:32, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> When KDE get's started for the very first time and assuming that
> the /tmp dir is empty. KDE creates (no, it's XOrg or XFree actually) two
> directories named '.ICE-unix' and '.X11-unix'. They both belong to the
> user who started it. Though they should belong to root. GNOME handles
> that stuff correctly KDE somehow not.

Xorg has handed the ball over to OS vendors to make sure that the .ICE-unix 
directory is already there and have the correct permissions before client 
applications are started by modifying libICE to reject client applications if 
the socketdir permissions are wrong in recent Xorg releases.

'GNOME handles that stuff correctly' is not correct, GNOME just doesn't use 
libICE at all (xfce4 does however, and is affected by the same issue). Client 
applications can't really do anything about the socket directories, the best 
way to ensure they have the correct permissions is to create them during 

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