Default Preferences != Default Preferences

Ismail Donmez ismail at
Thu Mar 3 07:16:38 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 20:32, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> I usually seek over to the Control Center as most other people may be
> doing and start pressing 'default' with each listed capplets/plugins
> entry that is there. So going to Background, pressing 'default', going
> to Panel, pressing 'default' and what I detect here is that most
> capplets/plugins don't use the default values as one might initially
> think.

You should report this per kcontrol module so it can be fixed.

> You see CheckBoxes changing state, you see Sliders jumping to a
> different position, you see Text entries or numeric values changing once
> you press 'default'. You can reproduce this anytime you start KDE for
> the first time in a empty homedir and then going to Control Center and
> moving through all the stuff and simply pressing 'default'. This is
> usually what I do first when starting KDE newly, to give the default
> settings some sort of fixed condition. Now that KDE use KConfigXT, which
> uses some sort of schemas files (as under GNOME) I ask myself why
> default != default ?.

Again what modules?


> The Button top
> right is not showing a 'maximized state'. But you need to press it once
> and then again and you see that the KBookmarksEditor takes a normal size
> which it probably was aimed to have once started for the first time.

Such a bug existed in Plastik windecoration but now its fixed.

> Icons on the Desktop are quite often misplaced when KDE gets restarted
> and you need to place them correctly again. Why ?

Also this is fixed for me for some time.


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