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Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Thu Jun 30 18:24:15 BST 2005

Carsten Niehaus said the following, On 2005-06-30 10:21:

>>Just a few stupid questions.
>>Is the xml format xhtml or something else?
> I was thinking of xml where we (together with the wikipedia-folks) define 
> everything. Before implementing anything we even need to decide if the 
> conversion from wikitext (all Wikipedia-contents are stored in that format) 
> to the other formats will be done serverside or clientside (inside kdelibs, I 
> guess).

I am not sure it was mentioned, but regarding wiki<->xml conversion, see:

and, in particular the DocBookWiki:

Let's hope that having DocBook (or a subset of DocBook) can be useful for 
interoperability with KDE Doc system....

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