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Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at
Thu Jun 30 09:21:27 BST 2005

On Thursday, 30. June 2005 00:21, Gary Cramblitt wrote:

> Just a few stupid questions.
> Is the xml format xhtml or something else?

I was thinking of xml where we (together with the wikipedia-folks) define 
everything. Before implementing anything we even need to decide if the 
conversion from wikitext (all Wikipedia-contents are stored in that format) 
to the other formats will be done serverside or clientside (inside kdelibs, I 

> Does the document include formatting stuff from wikipedia (sidebars,
> headers, etc.), or is it just the article itself?

No, I think it is best if it only includes the content, the information in 
which other languages the article is also available and so on but no 
wikipedia-specific markup/webpage-items.

> Do hyperlinks within the document refer to external pages on wikipedia,
> non-existent relative pages, or what?

All that needs to be discussed, I guess... I think it would be nice for 
applications if the text be be displayed without links. Furthermore it would 
be good if the applications could link to both online wikipedia-pages and 
offline content as well.
In Kalzium I will have a proofread offline-version of the articles I need from 
the Wikipedia. So I will need a setting what a link is doing: Jump to a 
offline or online-page.

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