Offline / Online beoynd PIM

Matt Douhan matt at
Fri Jun 24 09:13:38 BST 2005


We are currently in the process of making PIM "network aware", things like the 
following are on my mind.

Select the KMail default transport based on connected network
Enable and disable periodic mailchecks based on network state
Disallow sending of emails when in "offline" mode to save the user from those 
weird and wonderful SMTP error msgs.
not update remote file resources when in offline mode, again so save the 
strange error messages that comes with that.

My thoughts on this is to not make PIM the controlling factor since that would 
mean duplication all over the deskop(not to mention silly), if each 
application has its own network detection code etc, instead it is about 
implementing API's/dcop functions so that PIM can be controlled by $KDEDAEMON 
if and/or when such a daemon exists, or alterantively from user network 

This raises a few immediate questions:

The online / offline mode config bool, should it be saved in kdeglobals? 
instead of each app having its own key, it seems unlikely that ksirc would be 
online if KMail is offline for example, although not impossible due to fw 

Is anyone else thinking along the same ways? if so let us try and join up and 
create something that works across the desktop.

What do you think?



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