[kde-artists] KDE/kdelibs/pics/hicolor

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jun 24 06:48:20 BST 2005

Danny Allen wrote:
> SVN commit 428185 by dannya:
> Incorrectly placed hicolor icons in kdelibs now in kdeartwork/kdeclassic

WRONG.  NOTHING INCORRECT AT ALL!!  These need to stay in KDELibs until 
there are Crystal style icons for these.  Then they can be moved to 
KArtWork if this is how we decide to to it.  BUT! They are _NOT_ 
KDEClassic so they will need to be moved to:


AND they need to be installed as "hicolor" NOT "kdeclassic".

This is a new directory so you should get KDE-Core approval for it.

I would also suggest that we decide how we are going to do this before 
we start moving stuff around.

I again ask here whether I am going to be the maintainer for HiColor or 
not.  I would appreciate an answer.  If this is my job, I expect that I 
should be at least consulted.

IAC, these icons are my work and it is my understanding that KDE policy 
is that you shouldn't make a commitment the screws up someone else's 
work without first asking them.

So, what you need to do now is to reverse your commit.  Please do so ASAP.


>  D             hi16-action-show_side_panel.png  
>  D             hi16-action-view_fit_height.png  
>  D             hi16-action-view_fit_width.png  
>  D             hi16-action-view_fit_window.png  
>  D             hi22-action-show_side_panel.png  
>  D             hi22-action-view_fit_height.png  
>  D             hi22-action-view_fit_width.png  
>  D             hi22-action-view_fit_window.png  
>  D             hi32-action-show_side_panel.png  
>  D             hi32-action-view_fit_height.png  
>  D             hi32-action-view_fit_width.png  
>  D             hi32-action-view_fit_window.png  
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