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Mike Richardson mike at
Mon Jun 13 18:45:48 BST 2005

On Monday 13 June 2005 16:57, Renchi Raju wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 tnagyemail-ml at wrote:
> > How many people actually tried the scons build scripts for kdegames when
> > i made it available ? Many projects, like kdissert, abakus, .., use
> > scons routinely for building and installing by the way.
> here's my two cents after a very brief foray into trying scons: a very
> large part of success behind auto* is availability of canned solutions
> (like checking sizeof(void*), pkg-config, and others ). scons is a bit
> immature in that aspect in the sense that these solutions are either not
> available or scattered across the web in form of recipes which a user
> needs to paste into his SConscript files. But it should be very possible
> to build a repository of these in an admin directory similar to that of
> kde-common; so that users can easily call them in the SConscript files
> without having to know a whole lot of python programming.

A further tu'pence worth. Doing this would be a *really* good idea.

One of the good (maybe the only good :) thing about Perl is that you can go to 
CPAN, and (hopefully) find and download the package you need. Contrast auto* 
where, I strongly suspect, the files just aggregate more and more cruft 
because it is so painful then the best strategy is to tack a bit on the end.

I'd suggest that getting scons to build KDE would be really good for both KDE 
and for scons itself.

> renchi

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