crystal icons to hicolour for external applications

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Jun 8 02:52:01 BST 2005

Frans Englich wrote:


> I don't see the advantage of installing KDE's old hicolor icons into
> hicolor instead of Crystal svg icons,

I believe that it is a question of seeing the disadvantage of installing
CrystalSVG icons as HiColor.

> since the latter is more KDEish, prettier(that appears to be the
> common opinion), and better represent KDE since crystal svg is
> closely tied to it(a branding perspective).

But, the purpose of HiColor is to blend in.  CrystalSVG doesn't blend in 
very well with the default GNOME theme (Simple).

> In practice, this means:
> 1. In either case, ensure icons are installed into hicolor.


> 2. Ensure that it's crystalsvg icons that are installed into hicolor
> since that's the best we have. Or if people don't like that, install
> old hicolor icons.

How would they do this?  If we are going to install Crystal app icons as 
"hicolor", then we need to have the apps also install KDEClassic icons 
as "kdeclassic" and have the: GNOME icon theme inherit kdeclassic.

> 3. If anyone feel like it, start a "second generation" hicolor which
> is a _real_ theme. Perhaps it has a resemblance to KDE's old hicolor
> theme and uses those icons as a base -- or whatever people feel like.
That wouldn't do any good for other desktops since they will look in: 
"hicolor" for icons.  The problem is looking in: "hicolor" and finding 
Crystal style icons.


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