crystal icons to hicolour for external applications

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jun 9 03:09:11 BST 2005

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Frans Englich wrote:
>> 3. If anyone feel like it, start a "second generation" hicolor
>> which is a _real_ theme. Perhaps it has a resemblance to KDE's old
>> hicolor theme and uses those icons as a base -- or whatever people
>> feel like.
> That wouldn't do any good for other desktops since they will look in:
>  "hicolor" for icons.  The problem is looking in: "hicolor" and
> finding Crystal style icons.
To clarify this.  Yes, I would support a new contemporary HiColor icon 
set for KDE.  But, these should be installed as: "hicolor" and the old 
KDE 2 vintage HiColor icons should be installed as "kdeclassic".

That makes sense doesn't it?


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