crystal icons to hicolour for external applications

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Jun 8 02:34:20 BST 2005

Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 June 2005 06:11 am, Frans Englich wrote:
>>hicolor doesn't have a certain "style"; KDE's old hicolor theme had. One
>>doesn't have control over hicolor since arbitrary applications installs
>>into it(it's hence not themed), so trying to use it as a theme is asking
>>for trouble.
> I remember speaking about this on IRC.  At first I was a little confused, but 
> here's what I've come up with:
> 1. If people want to actually use kdeclassic as their theme, they should be 
> able to without having crystal icons for apps that had kdeclassic icons.  
> This was my point of confusion, I didn't know that this wasn't actually a 
> problem.

So, you use KDEClassic on KDE and you open GNOME with the "Simple" theme 
and what to you get for KDE?  You get Crystal icons.  Can't you see that 
this is a problem??  The CrystalSVG theme doesn't go well with the GNOME 
icon theme.

> 2. So the reason for hicolor is that it is a default fallback theme for the 
> major DEs.  In other words, if GNOME users are using a GNOME icon theme w/out 
> a K3B icon for instance, GNOME pulls the K3B icon from hicolor.  So what kind 
> of icon do we want for K3B in this modern world in this case?  crystal, of 
> course!  

Why?  Please explain.

> Or more specifically, whatever the "default" KDE icon theme is.
> This is just a long winded way of saying that I agree with Jonathan Riddell.  
> I'm not really hyper-concerned about the "blueness" of crystal icons because 
> GNOME users generally are using some other kind of eye candy at all times 
> anyways, so it's likely that a kdeclassic icon in hicolor would be even more 
> distracting, especially going up against the likes of jimmac's icons and 
> nuvola. ;)

You have made a presumptions without anything to back them up.  You 
assume that KDE users will be using the default icon theme, but you do 
not make the same assumption for GNOME users.  Can't you see that this 
doesn't make sense?

The default icon theme for GNOME is GNOME.  Unless we are going to make 
GNOME theme icons, the best choice to go with the default GNOME icon 
theme is HiColor.  If you think that GNOME users will want to use 
CrystalSVG for KDE apps run in GNOME, the thing to do is to provide the 
necessary configuration file(s) so that they can choose this option.


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