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Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Thu Jul 28 18:32:35 BST 2005

On Thursday, 28. July 2005 18:47, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> in plasma, we will have applet bindings available for: ECMA script (via
> kjsembed), Ruby, Python and Java. i can say this with some degree of
> confidence since i already have individuals who have stepped up and
> committed to doing each of these sets of bindings. the only one that will
> likely be an absolute requirement is kjsembed, however. the rest will be
> run-time loadable.

Sounds good to me - as long as stuff can be built (even if it's part of a huge 
tarball), installed and run on its own, I will like it. 

Hint to the people concerned with the next-generation buildsystem of KDE while 
I'm there, too - DO_NOT_COMPILE, inst-apps, or even just being able to cd to 
a subdir in a tarball after running configure and going make and make install 
there is *incredibly* helpful to packagers, especially us FreeBSD people who 
need to make an automated source build *and* a binary package from that 
automated source build.

I keep wondering how (or if at all) that sort of thing is doable in scons, for 
example. The few occasions where I've encountered it, it would just do 
configure and make in one go. That's not good at all if you need to tear a 
tarball apart for packaging purposes.

> i understand that this will possibly make life a bit different for
> packagers, but i also firmly believe it will make life much better for
> developers and thereby the users.

The users out there grow more and more allergic to big software behemoths and 
huge dependency-chains, and it's not the developers they complain to about 
it, but the packagers. If, say, the java-interface of plasma would be very 
hard to untangle from the rest of kdebase(?), that would be very bad indeed.

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