SuperKaramba's location for 3.5

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at
Fri Jul 29 09:22:44 BST 2005

Michael Nottebrock ha scritto:
> Probably. If KDE is destined to go all snakey in the future anyway, please 
> make sure it makes use of it in some less frivolous way as, say, kdeedu does 
> right now. Then I might forego creating the aseigo-hatepage. :]

Just for curiosity, what is the "frivolous way as, say, kdeedu does
right now" ?
The Phyton dependancy in Kig is optional, and you can build Kig without
it if you can't/don't want/whatever.
And FYI, the Python scripting in Kig is one of the things most
appreciated of Kig and one of the things that make Kig comparable with
the Guile scripting in the GNOME interactive geometry program DrGeo.


Pino Toscano

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