[PATCH] Konqueror about

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Fri Jul 8 10:45:52 BST 2005

On Friday 08 July 2005 10:10, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Or, might it be caused in part by the choice of the name "Documents"
> rather than calling it (Personal) Files .  That is, they only put data
> files in "Documents" that they actually consider to be 'documents' (i.e.
> not music, photos, etc.).

That's right, I don't want to save my pictures there, or my symlink 
collection, or random stuff I just downloaded. For that reason, I wouldn't 
like it too if $HOME was set as Documents folder, because it isn't.

> If we change: "Documents path" in the Control Center to: "Personal
> Files path" would it make things clearer?  I suppose that some that set
> it would still expect a HOME link, but it would be obvious why it wasn't
> there. :-)

That would indeed make things clearer, but if all data files go into that 
folder, what do you need $HOME for afterwards, except storing hidden config 
files? If you're replacing it completely for data storage, you might as well 
keep $HOME itself for exactly this purpose. And as you're talking of the 
standard unexperienced user, let's not consider him opening $HOME in Firefox 
and see all his hidden files.

> Sorry, I am rambling on again.

Sorry, I couldn't keep from replying. Seems like there hasn't been said enough 
to simply close the thread.

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