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Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at igesund.net
Fri Jul 8 10:23:25 BST 2005

Fredag 8. juli 2005 10:10 skreiv James Richard Tyrer:

> > Users who have a Documents/Files/whatever folder, very often still
> > don't *want* to put everything in there.
> This is very interesting.
> > For what it's worth, on windows not everyone uses the preset "My
> > Documents" folder for all files.
> Even more interesting (or strange) since that is the default and I
> presume hard coded into Windows.

I don't think very much is hardcoded, at least not in the more recent versions 
of the OS. But My Documents is the default place to save stuff, and the 
default location for My Documents is under Documents and Settings.
Whether this is the place things are saved, depend on the organization (or the 
lack of one). Where I work now, people most consistently save stuff on their 
personal network share, or the share of their department. To make it easier 
for them, we've started to change the properties of the My Document-directory 
(or rather the shortcut to it), to point to their personal networkshare, thus 
for them, it is no longer under Documents and Settings. Note that on Windows 
in a networked environment, the settings can be stored in a profile share 
when logging out, and copied back when logging in on a new comp. The profile 
share is normally != the user share. (This is of course incredibly stupid, as 
the default placement of My Documents put all the documents into the profile. 
This made for some interesting networkproblems here, when a guy with 1GB of 
docs(!), was logging in over a slow wireless link.)

As for what I'd like; Home + Files/Documents, or if I must choose one; Home.

For normal/newbie-users, on Windows they don't use the explorer at all(and 
don't know how to), instead they rely on save- and opendialogs to use My 
Documents as a default. So I think that all that feel they can handle 
Konqueror, is also able to navigate Home.

Lars Ivar Igesund

PS Sorry about the long MS Windows post ;)

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