[PATCH] Konqueror about

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jul 8 09:10:03 BST 2005

Lauri Watts wrote:
> On Thursday 07 July 2005 20.58, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Lauri Watts wrote:
>>> *If* the Documents directory is set and is not pointing to $HOME,
>>>  there are still many people who don't wish to put everything 
>>> they ever save in it.
>> Yes, I also save temporary stuff to the DeskTop and software goes 
>> in HOME (actually, I have a subdirectory "Install").  Do you mean 
>> that there is stuff other than software that needs to go in HOME?
> Nothing *needs* to go anywhere.

Actually, some stuff needs to be in HOME.

> Users *may* put anything they like, anywhere they like, and some 
> users prefer not to put everything anywhere but their home directory.
Yes, these people are not an issue here.

> Users who have a Documents/Files/whatever folder, very often still 
> don't *want* to put everything in there.

This is very interesting.

> For what it's worth, on windows not everyone uses the preset "My 
> Documents" folder for all files.

Even more interesting (or strange) since that is the default and I
presume hard coded into Windows.

> Many people don't, don't want to, or are quite happily using it for 
> some things, and not for others.
I knew that many people didn't organize their disks very well.  I say
that with the admission that I used to be one of them.  But after
accumulating a whole bunch of junk in my HOME directory, I reformed. :-)
>>> Add the documents directory separately, if it's set.  In what way
>>>  does this not solve the problem for you, while letting everyone 
>>> who does not wish to use your workflow continue as they are?
>> I just don't see a need for a shortcut link to HOME if you don't 
>> have 'Documents path' set to HOME.
> Yes, I think we have all understood that you don't see the point. 
> That in itself doesn't mean there is no point, or that other people 
> don't see it.  We simply don't all have the same workflow you do.

So, what is the best course of action?  We don't have to worry about
those that leave their "Documents path" set to HOME.  There are those
like me that set their "Documents path" to a directory and use it as
base location to store all their data files.  Obviously, we expect that
when we change the "Documents path" that the link in "about:" described
as "Your personal files" will point to that selected directory.  Fairly
easy to accommodate.

But, you say, and I do not doubt you, that there are users that have set
their "Document path" to some directory (like "My Documents" on Windows)
and yet they still store some of their data files in HOME  I presume
that these people are currently not happy and wouldn't be happy with my
patch either.  If this represents a significant number of users it sure
complicates things, doesn't it!  I suppose it would be relevant, if we
knew, which link was more important to them, or if it matters at all.

Do you think that this has anything to do the bug in KLauncher?  It sets
the default working directory to "Documents" only for KDE apps.  If it
set the default working directory to "Documents" for all apps would this
make a difference?

Or, might it be caused in part by the choice of the name "Documents"
rather than calling it (Personal) Files .  That is, they only put data
files in "Documents" that they actually consider to be 'documents' (i.e.
not music, photos, etc.).

If we change: "Documents path" in the Control Center to: "Personal
Files path" would it make things clearer?  I suppose that some that set
it would still expect a HOME link, but it would be obvious why it wasn't
there. :-)

Probably doesn't matter unless some minor changes to KDE could change
their work habits, and I doubt that.  Still, I think that these two
changes need to be made to avoid user confusion and/or misunderstandings
and for consistency.  Consistency is very important to an engineer. :-)

Sorry, I am rambling on again.


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