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Lauri Watts lauri at kde.org
Wed Jul 6 16:32:08 BST 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 12.08, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Attached is my patch against 3.4 Branch to make changes I have suggested
> to the first page of "Konqueror Introduction"
> Specifically:
> "Home Folder" is changed to "User Files" and the icon for it is changed
> to "gohome" so that it will always display a house.

These two seem to directly contradict each other; Always display a house (why? 
because users understand the metaphor? or that it's their 'home' location?) 
but change the name (thereby breaking the very same metaphor?)

The whole 'home' concept is remarkably easy to explain, and to understand, 
widely used both within and without KDE.  

I would like to see the icon change, but I'm strongly opposed to the name 

> The URL for what is now: "Home Folder" is changed so that it is the URL
> set in the Control Center in:
> 	System Administration -> Paths: Documents path

That's a rather big conceptual change to spring.  Home is *HOME* not the 
documents folder.  I agree with David here: Add Documents, if it's set 
and !HOME and call it that, don't mix it up with home, which already has a 
meaning of it's own.

Lauri Watts
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