i18n bug?

Lukáš Tinkl lukas at kde.org
Wed Jul 6 11:38:13 BST 2005

Dne st 6. července 2005 1:22 Pino Toscano napsal(a):
> Albert Astals Cid ha scritto:
> > Well while trying to make kgeography i18n work i've spotted a strange
> > thing when using i18n, i attach the files i've used to test.
> >
> > What i've done is create a simple program that outputs using i18n() the
> > translation of strings A and áà. If i use test.po it works, but if i use
> > test2.po only the translation of A is outputed and not the one of áà.
> I can confirm this bug, in kig there's an utf8 message that won't never
> be translated (even if it's correctly extracted to the pot and correctly
> visible in kabel - set to utf8).

Can you point me more precisely to place where this happens?

> If the msgid contains utf8 chars non ascii, like accented letters (as
> pointed out by Albert) or greek letters (for kig), then that string
> won't never be i18n'ed.

Nonsense, it works in every KDE application; the bug has to be somewhere else.

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