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Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Tue Jul 5 21:20:48 BST 2005


just a few comments:

 in "Choose map to use", you should make sure that the map and the listbox are clearly separated. For example, "Asia" is so close to the listbox that you don't know if the map is really completely on screen. It "looks" like part of it is hidden by the listbox. Try to insert some space here, maybe draw a frame around the map, or draw a vertical bar between the map and the listbox
the main screen is similar: a clearer separation between the map and the buttons would make a nicer visual impression.
The "Browse the map" button does not do anything. What's supposed to happen when you click it?
The layout of the main screen is not adjusting on a resize. I admit though, that some thinking is necessary to find _how_ it should adjust.
The dialog asking for the number of questions does not open on top of the application but in the middle of the screen. Causes a lot of mouse travelling while using the application
in general, you should probably add some spacing between the gui elements. the way it is now, it looks more crowded than necessary.

On Tuesday, 5. July 2005 21:07, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> I'm still having a bit of problems trying to fix the mess i've introduced
> so you can
> svn up -r 430979
> that is the revision that i moved to kdereview. That one should work
> without problems.
> Albert
> A Dimarts 05 Juliol 2005 19:17, Bram Schoenmakers va escriure:
> > Albert Astals Cid, you wrote something like this:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > > Hi, today i moved KGeography to kdereview module, if someone wants to
> > > review it now it's the time. If i don't get any oposition in 2 weeks
> > > i'll move it to kdeedu as the kde-edu "team" is fine with that.
> >
> > Today I checked out KGeography. In most of the modes I see %1 instead of
> > the capital/country name. This makes most modes undoable.
> >
> > Kind regards,
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