RFC: KBookmarkMerger

Frerich Raabe raabe at kde.org
Sun Jan 30 00:44:59 GMT 2005


I attached the source code for a little tool called 'kbookmarkmerger'. Using 
the new features I committed a few moments ago to kdelibs/kio/bookmarks, it 
allows system administrators to merge bookmark files into a user's bookmark 
list. I'm building this thing in kdebase/konqueror/keditbookmarks myself - 
just copy it there and adjust the Makefile.am accordingly.

This idea was spawned by an administrator of my uni who asked me whether there 
is a way to add a bookmark to some new site to the bookmark lists of all 
users. The URLs to some internally used documents changed, and he wanted the 
new links to show up in everybody bookmarks magically.
This tool might be useful for distributors as well, since it's now possible to 
have e.g. the python-doc package (containing the Python API Documentation) 
install a 'python-doc.xml' file into some special directory (which the 
distributor can choose freely) and on the next kbookmarkmerger run, that link 
will automatically show up in the user's bookmarks.

I'm well aware of the fact that many people do not like such intrusive 
behaviour, but I also know that some system administrators would like this 
(and FWIW, I personally like the idea of having certain packages show links 
to the manuals which they provide in my bookmarks as well). Hence this tool 
should probably not be run by default.

It'd be nice to know what other people think about such a mechanism - I'm 
especially trying to come up with situations in which it might be abused.

- Frerich

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