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Lauri Watts lauri at
Sat Jan 29 21:16:06 GMT 2005

Hi all, 

After some discussion we've decided to not freeze the docs in kdebase until 
the total release freeze. According to the feature plan this will be February 
22nd, 2005.

As noted on the release plan, additions to other docs to add new content only 
to cover new features will be permitted.  All other corrections, rewrites, 
and other editing, should be submitted to the kde-doc-english mailing list, 
where it will be held until the last day, as we have done for previous 
releases.  If you aren't sure which of those two categories your patch falls 
into, err on the side of caution and send it in to us to hold, or ask for 
approval on kde-i18n-doc.

Changes that will be going directly into CVS during this period are:
The general docs in kdebase: the user guide, the faq, kcontrol and konqueror.
Application manuals, if the change is an addition is to document new features.

Changes that should be submitted for approval and to be held for later 
Application manual changes that are not additions to cover new features
Any other corrections/updates/changes outside of kdebase.
Anything you aren't sure which of these they are.

Lauri Watts
Lauri Watts
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