kio_locate for KDE-3.4

George Staikos staikos at
Wed Jan 19 03:24:19 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 22:02, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> Let me provide a bit of background then. The most important thing in an
> application is not to develop it. It's to maintain it. In fact, I'd say
> that we have more applications already than we can maintain, as evidenced
> by the slow growth of bug base. 

  I once thought about the same thing, but I also think it might be equally 
possible that our code is growing at a rate roughly equal to the growth of 
what we are capable of maintaining.  That is, we have more code, we have more 
bugs / feature requests.  Another factor to consider is that we are possibly 
capable of maintaining more code per capita over time due to richer libraries 
- one of our well known best strengths.  I'd be hesitant to use any arguments 
along these lines in any context.

   That being said, I'm not arguing for or against kio_locate.  I just think 
the whole concept of bug statistics is interesting in context of what KDE 
produces and is capable of.  I sure would like to see our numbers get down to 
about half of what they are though. :-)

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