kio_locate for KDE-3.4

Maks Orlovich mo85 at
Wed Jan 19 03:02:40 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 07:48 pm, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> I noticed that the kio_locate
> "wishlist" item has been closed as "invalid". The kio_locate
> developer had created it outside KDE and asked then for it to
> be included into the  3.4 release.

Let me provide a bit of background then. The most important thing in an 
application is not to develop it. It's to maintain it. In fact, I'd say that 
we have more applications already than we can maintain, as evidenced by the 
slow growth of bug base. And the last thing we can do is ship random 
snapshots of apps just because someone asks for it; so we can not generally 
handle various "I saw this cool app, please include it" requests (this wasn't 
quite the case here, of course, which is why I didn't close it). 

What we also don't need is more unfullfillable, overly large requests. Quite 
frankly, in many applications, we may as well stop accepting wishlists, as 
99.99% of them will never be implemented -- heck, many will not even 
be /looked at/. 

> The way it was handled in bugzilla was very unfortunated, if
> not even quite rude (to say the least).

I am sorry that you have this perception, but I am afraid generally bugzilla  
Q&A contributors have to limit themselves to minimalistic responses. Reading 
kde-bugs-dist can easily take  1 or 2 hours a day out of one's life already.
No wonder it's done by very few people.

> Is it possible to include kio_locate into 3.4, please? It
> collected quite a few votes, while it was open in bugzilla,

Vote counts in many cases are utterly useless. High vote counts often result 
from just 20-30 users, and generally occur because someone linked to the bug 
from a website such as kde-apps. 

Here are some example.

IMHO, one of the most important bugs currently open is #68528. It has meek 60 

Or say #68523. It has modest 190 votes, but is a big issue for many Russian 
websites, if my memory serves me right.

Both of these bugs are major stability threats in some environments.

In comparison, the two highest voted bugs are basically just major annoyances, 
not stability issues. 


> But it could for sure give us an additional nice little gem
> into the 3.4 crown.

And having said all that, I don't believe you're the app maintainer, or are 
volunteering to take over it. And as such, IMHO nothing can be added until a 
maintainer (preferably the app's author) steps forward.

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