sane defaults

Giovanni grifis87 at
Mon Jan 17 15:51:30 GMT 2005

Hello everybody!
This is how I have configured my konqueror for me and for my girlfriend...she 
found the original configuration to be too confusing and she really liked 
this new way.

Note that I chose to have a tab bar always on the screen (also with just one 
tab). I find this far more useful than a bookmark bar that nobody I know 
The tab bar has 3 functions:
1) it shows the user where he is (infact it has the name of where he is! (look 
at the screen)
2)it's used for browsing with tab, opening and closing them without adding 
bottons to the main toolbar
3) it show to the user the power of tab navigation.
If it's true that not everyuser uses tabs how many new users don't do it 
because they don't know how to do it?
Or beacause they find (like me) annoying using tabs with the default 
Or beacause they don't even now what tab navigation is?

Well, I think this is a good point you shoul consider for kde3.4 and I hope 
you'll think about that..
watch out the screen! :)
NB: i like 32x32 icons..they feel better with 1280x1024 (well i think also for 
1024x768 but that is my opinion..anyway that's not important but..look in 
kde-look how many screens have 32x32 icons nowadays!! :) )
also the icons to have bigger or smaller text could be taken away...users can 
use menu or shortcut..don't think they are so important...anyway :)

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