keyboard cursor invisible in lists?

Helge Hielscher hhielscher at
Thu Jan 13 10:11:39 GMT 2005


IMHO the cursor used for keyboard navigation lacks perceptibility.

Please try the following:
1. open konqueror in info or detailed list view
2. select a file
3. move the text cursor with the cursor keys

In many theme + color combinations I see just nothing. If you have no
problems to see the cursor, would you please be so kind and post the theme
and color scheme you are using.

I wonder if it is a problem in kdelibs or just one that most themes share.
Why can't we have a dashed black/white or black/red line as active
keyboard cursor?


X-Post please set F-Up

P.S.: If you still do not know what I am talking about you may have a look
at the discussion at

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