media:/ and distribution of system scripts within kdebase

Kévin Ottens ervin at
Wed Jan 12 21:40:05 GMT 2005

Le Mardi 11 Janvier 2005 22:12, Oliver Bausinger a écrit :
> Do I understand correctly that these scripts are not necessary when using
> the HAL backend, i.e. no additional low-level scripts are necessary for
> media:/ when using the utopia stack udev/dbus/hal ?
> (I didn't have a close look at the hal backend of media:/, but I know that
> you can get all necessary information from hal over dbus)

You understood correctly.

> I'd simply put those scripts into documentation as an example for a
> workaround when your system doesn't have a working utopia stack or
> analogon.
> And leave the rest to the distributor.

It sounds like the best solution. Thanks.

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