media:/ and distribution of system scripts within kdebase

Oliver Bausinger bausi at
Tue Jan 11 21:12:27 GMT 2005

On Tuesday, 11. January 2005 20:57, Kévin Ottens wrote:
> Hello list,
> First of all, please note that I think that I'm sending this mail a bit
> late... But I've been really overbooked recently and almost forgot to write
> and send this explanation/question mail.
> As some of you may know, I worked on media:/ for KDE 3.4, and it is able to
> take care of usb hotplug events. It is designed to have several backends.
> For Linux users there's a HAL backend. But, for people that doesn't want to
> or can't (FreeBSD users for example) use HAL another backend exists.
> Since media:/ is really at the frontier with the underlying system, if you
> don't use HAL the necessary events are passed to media:/ using dcop... I've
> made two scripts for Linux:
> which must be installed into /etc/dev.d/default
> usbcam which must be installed into /etc/hotplug/usb

Do I understand correctly that these scripts are not necessary when using the 
HAL backend, i.e. no additional low-level scripts are necessary for media:/ 
when using the utopia stack udev/dbus/hal ?
(I didn't have a close look at the hal backend of media:/, but I know that you 
can get all necessary information from hal over dbus)

> They should work with almost any "modern" Linux distro around (read :
> something with kernel 2.6 and udev).

udev isn't still quite a bit away from being standard. 2.6 neither.

> Hence why I'd like to know how to handle those scripts? How to distribute
> them? Since it's almost the work of a distributor to provide them... but
> media:/ does not work "fully" without them (it simply ignores the hotplug
> events).

I'd simply put those scripts into documentation as an example for a workaround 
when your system doesn't have a working utopia stack or analogon.
And leave the rest to the distributor.


> Regards.

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