System tray "close" dialog needs work

Sébastien Laoût slaout at
Tue Jan 11 19:56:47 GMT 2005

Le mar 11/01/2005 à 19:31, Jason Keirstead a écrit :
> I still don't see why if you *know* the icon is being managed by the ksystray 
> applet, you can't just tell it to paint itself onto a QPixmap and return that 
> via a DCOP call. Something like "dcop kicker KSystemTrayIface 
> systemTrayImage()"

Yes, it's doable.
But do you means it would copy the image with the kicker background,
etc... or *just* the pixmap?

If it's just the pixmap, we already can get it by KSystemTray::pixmap();

The only thing kicker can do better is to determine if the systray is
visible (with kapp->widgetAt(g), I think it's possible).

I've realised a test of a possible thing:
It paint the systray icon over the screenshot:

Just need to add:
    painter.drawPixmap(g.x() - x, g.y() - y + 1, *pixmap());
before the line

But that's yet another uggly hack :-/
It just make the icon visible to the user in EVERY cases.

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