accessibility misfeatures

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Sun Jan 9 17:21:26 GMT 2005

Am Samstag 08 Januar 2005 16:02 schrieb Gunnar Schmi Dt:
> > In my opinion it should be possible to prevent that, and even they tried
> > to make it hard to toggle those features by accident, they should be
> > entirely disabled as default. Those who need them will know to enable
> > them I'm sure.
> Those who need some of the AccessX features do not necessarily know the way
> of starting the KDE Control Center, choosing the
> Regional&Accessibility/Accessibility tab and finding the features there.
> Even if they know that way it might be hard for them to do that because
> they need these features in order to do that.
> On the other hand those who do not need these features are can deactivate
> it without problems.

If you follow that logic we would use accessibility themes and color schemes
by default. We don't do that because we acknowledge that the people needing
accessibility features are a minority. And this slow key feature _is_ 
confusing. And I don't find it user friendly to have to shut off everything 
some developer found useful for those that can't turn it off. KPersonalizer 
is the tool to enable accessibility features - it really shouldn't be 

Greetings, Stephan

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