turning off konq extensions by default

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat Jan 8 19:54:40 GMT 2005

Hi folks --

After finally getting frustrated enough with the Document Relations extension 
to figure out how to turn it off I discovered a funny situation with 
Konqueror extensions at the moment.  Basically most of the extensions done 
for Konqueror tend to reside in KDE packages.  And we turn them all on by 

This is silly.

Just because we happen to keep the plugin repository on the local disk rather 
than online somewhere a la Mozilla doesn't mean that we should turn on every 
plugin in existence for Konq.  In fact, I think we should turn them all off 
by default.

Konqueror is already a bit hefty, as we're all too familiar.  Turning off the 
plugins here gives about a 20% startup time boost to Konqueror as well as 
removing the clutter from the Tools menu.

And I'm really not convinced that a single one of them should be on by 
default.  For the most part they're semi-confusing, power-user features that 
in fact more or less weren't *designed* to be part of the default interface.  
That's why they're extensions.  I don't think that installing kdeaddons is 
implicitly saying, "Please, turn all of these things on!"  So how about it?  
Got any takers?  ;-)

(At some point, potentially KDE 4, I think we'll have to come up with a more 
useful way of packaging Konq extensions, but that's a debate for another list 
at another time.)


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