KGhostview is completely messed

Luís Pedro Coelho luis at
Mon Jan 17 19:33:46 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 16:07, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> kpdf is just so much more powerful currently than kghostview.

kghostview is a hack on top of a hack. No matter how much you hack on it, it 
will always remain a hack.

This is specially true for PDFs.

The problem is using a separate renderer (gs) through a very thin interface 
(the ghostview interface). This makes kghostview depend heavily on the 
ghostscript installation (which account for at least 75% of bug reports) and 
it really doesn't have a way to deal with problems. There is a gs binary 
interface (for the gsview which people use on windows), but it's not really 
documented, either.

The right way is to parse the PDF file directly, and kpdf does that (reusing 
xpdf code, which is also right). KPDF is the right way, kghostview is the 
wrong one.

kghostview maintainer

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